PARS JAM offers different type of vessel for charter depending on client requirements thus providing clients with reliable services and smooth operations. We provide complete offshore support, preparation and execution of charter parties. Every charter party agreement undergoes thorough analysis and evaluation for every company contracts we are dealing with in order to understand vessel specifications involved on each project voyage. Additionally, the company maintains very close links with various consultants, brokers, oil and gas companies; operating in the project country to achieve lowest costs and highest performance at all times.


PARS JAM owns various types of offshore vessels, Anchor Handling Tug, Supply Vessel, Maintenance and Support Vessel equipped with high quality and modern ship parts available for different kinds of offshore job. Company vessels are also manned by professional, well diverse and trained mariners. As ship owners, we value safe, secure, and clean shipping to adapt and handle fast paced change in marine industry.


PARS JAM proposed safe and high standards support of all towage assignments which includes vessel preparation, inspection, and supply of offshore project related materials/ consumables. We are maintaining continuous supervision for each towage transportation and operation as part of our company’s safety management program.


PARS JAM vessel management has a highly professional team providing quality services and specific technical support round the clock onshore, in port, and during voyages. Our management section comprises of the following tasks but not limited to Management of HSE related matters; Documentation for ISM and ISPS Codes; Cost control and KPI monitoring program; and complete fleet management program inclusive of crewing; logistics, operations, technical, superintendence.